Fiscal Year 2022 Requests for Proposals
Proposal packages are due on Monday, January 11, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. 

RFP 2022-01 Water Quality Restoration Projects
In FY 2022 approximately $500,000 is expected to be available for water quality improvement projects.

RFP 2022-02 Habitat Restoration Projects
In FY 2022 approximately $200,000 is expected to be available for habitat restoration projects.

RFP 2022-03 Community-Based Habitat Restoration Projects
In FY 2022, approximately $200,000 is expected to be available for community-based restoration projects. Note that for purposes of this RFP, Community-Based Restoration projects are those in which restoration efforts are conducted primarily through the use of volunteers from the community. If the proposed restoration project does not utilize volunteers throughout the entirety of the restoration process, the project should be submitted under the Habitat Restoration category (Category 2).

RFP 2022-04 Science and Innovation Projects
In FY 2022 approximately $100,000 is expected to be available for science and innovation projects.

Questions Received Regarding RFPs
We will post and answer all RFP questions submitted in writing below. 

Question:  Can a private company (i.e., LLC or corp.) be the lead entity in the IRL Council/IRLNEP program proposal and a public entity or non-profit be listed as the partner, or is it better to list the public entity or non-profit as the lead and the private company as the partner? Maybe it doesn’t make a difference?

Answer: Yes. A private company can be the lead on a project so long as all the requirements in the RFP are met. The proposal should state which partner will lead the project and enter into the contract, if awarded. Proposers from private companies are encouraged to review the sample contract included in the RFP to ensure it is a contract that the entity is willing and able to enter into.

Question: At the bottom of p. 19 of the Science & Innovation Evaluation Criteria, it states whether the “project demonstrates greater than 50% match requirement”. Shouldn’t it be “greater than 25% match requirement” since it is for a Science & Innovation project (Category 4) and not a Water Quality Restoration Project (Category 1)?

Answer: Yes. We have corrected that error in the RFP. To avoid any confusion, you may wish to refresh your browser and download a new copy of the RFP.