Questions Submitted for Open RFPs:

Q: I see that “The proposal must be accompanied by a letter from an authorized representative of each partner listed in the proposal.” If for instance, we have a colleague from FWC that is contributing expertise and logistical support, should the letter be from that colleague? Or should it be from the colleague’s supervisor?
A: The key words are “authorized” and “funding (next sentence in the RFP text)”.  It must be from someone with the authority to commit that agency/entity to the proposed project.  The partner must also be funding either with cash or in-kind support.  The reason behind this is if the person was not authorized to commit and the entity will not fulfill its part either in cash or in-kind,  this would cause the project to fail or cause the prime to make up that amount to be eligible for reimbursement depending on match percentage. Project failure would forever negatively impact future funding for the prime.

Q: In the Executive summary, applicants must list “IRLNEP Contribution and Source: Dollars, IRL Council”. Is this the dollar amount from the Summary Budget Table referred to as “Funds requested from IRL Council”?
A: Yes.

Q: The RFP notes “A full list of Membership Conference members can be found at:” Can you please provide help navigation
to that list, or provide the direct URL?
A: Under the ‘One Community’ drop down, the second item down is ‘Management Conference’.  Then to the right are items such as
‘Board of Directors’, ‘Management Board’, STEM, etc.  These lists are the members.

Q: The RFP notes “Please address any questions regarding this RFP in writing to All submitted questions and
responses will be posted on the IRLNEP website at one lagoon.” Can you please provide help navigation to that list, or provide the
direct URL?
A: The questions and answers will be posted to the same page as the open requests for proposals which can be found at:

Q: The proposal application asks to include longitude and latitude for the project site but our study will include surveying animals in the
entire lagoon, not just once specific site. How should we denote the entire lagoon as the project location?
A: Listing the entire lagoon as the location will be acceptable.

Q: I cannot find the CCMP on your website. Is there a certain location I should look?
A: The CCMP is available at:

Q: Please confirm that the Executive Summary Page should include the table, a project description (not more than 250 words), key outputs and key outcomes (but not the maps or pictures) and it should only be 1 page.
A: The executive summary page should match the template in the proposal.

Q: For section J regarding expertise and past performance, do you want attachments documenting success (e.g. publications, previous
project summaries, etc.)  or just a brief summary in the grant application itself?
A: You may include anything you think is relevant that will fit within the page limit of the proposal. Please remember this is for projects
of similar type only. Include specific documentation of similar projects implemented in last 5 years with location, documentation of
success, dates, cost of project and references to the agency or organization that funded the project.

Q: For the one-page executive summary, it states that half of the table should be in the Montserrat font. However, on multiple versions of
Word I don’t seem to have access to this particular font. Is there another option we could be using?
A: Montserrat font is required.  It is an open source font if your version of Word does not have it. Here is a link on how to add a font
from Microsoft: You can also add
the font to Adobe if it is not in that program.

Q: It appears that there should be two budgeting tables. Is it safe to say that the first table is just showing matching funds and the amount
we are asking for, while the second table is just a breakdown of the budget per deliverable?
A: The first table is asking for the breakdown of requested funds and match between all partners. The second table describes those
funds between deliverables or tasks.

Q: proposals are due 1/7/22, and funding would begin 10/1/22. Do you have any idea when funded projects would receive notice that they
have been selected?
A: The IRL Council Board of Directors will decide on project funding for FY 2023 at the February 11, 2022 meeting. Notices of Decision
will be sent to all respondents by category on February 14, 2022.

Q: Do citations need to be within the 6 page limit or can they be on a separate page?
A: They should be within the 6 page limit.