Questions Submitted for IRL Council 2022-07 RFP:

Q: On page 8 of the RFP – the RFP requests a 1-page Executive Summary format. May the Executive Summary be 11×17 and be counted as a single page?
A: The executive summary is to be on a single 8.5 x 11 page with a size 12 font.  As a potential follow-up question, margins are not clearly defined, but should be no less than 0.5” x 0.5”.

Q: On RFP page 8 under Executive Summary Format, it lists the third row item as “Project Team with Roles, Responsibilities, and timeline for deliverables.” Should a summary of the “timeline for deliverables” be included on this row? This does not seem to correspond with the topic (Project Team) and does not match the information listed in the detailed requirements listed on the right hand side of the table.
A: Please disregard that statement of timeline for deliverables in the executive summary box that asks for Project Team with roles and responsibilities.  The timeline for deliverables is addressed in the Box 5 sections under “Proposed Date for Project Completion.”  That box asks for a timeline of milestones which are essentially the deliverables.

Q: Can you please clarify what entity a business must be registered with in order to be considered a Minority-Owned or Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business under this contract? Is any agency in Florida acceptable? Will the team selected under this solicitation be precluded from consideration as part of the design-build team for the WRF? Can you please provide a copy of the grant appropriation contract?
A:  If an organization is claiming Minority-owned or Veterans status, registration with any entity/agency is acceptable as long as some form of proof (registration, certificate, etc.) is provided in the proposal package. No, the selected team will not be precluded from consideration as part of the design-build team. Since the IRL Council is not contracting for this work, only providing technical support, we cannot provide you a sample contract.  The Space Coast Economic Development Commission would be able to provide the appropriate contract.

Q:  Would the successful consultant be precluded from future work resulting from successful implementation of recommendations drawn from the Study?
A:  The successful consultant would NOT be precluded from future work resulting from successful implementation of recommendations drawn from the Study.

Q:  Is the IRL Council or the IRLNEP considered an “agency” per Florida Statute 287.055, the “Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA)”? This statute describes a process of qualification-based selection whereby professional engineering services firms are selected in order of preference based on their qualifications and ability to perform the required services for public entities.  Examples of engineering services in the IRL Council Request for Proposals are included in the defined Basis of Design (BOD) deliverable.  If our interpretation is correct, will Section H (budget table) of the proposal score sheet be removed accordingly so that cost is not a part of the ranking process?
A:  The scoresheet that is included as an attachment in the RFP is not subject to change and is reflective of the exact criteria for how the reviewers will be scoring all proposals received.  The IRL Council is a special district of the state of Florida and our operating procedures allow us to set the scoring criteria for competitive procurement, be it request for proposals or request for qualifications.

Q: Clarify the official title of this project. In the RFP it is shown three different ways on pages 2, 8, and 11. Is there a page limit to the cover letter? Clarify the Executive summary is not counted toward the 6-page limit of the proposal narrative. What delivery options are available for the 3 PDF copies of the final reports? They will be too big to email. And do you want them as three separate files + the Proposal, or do you want one file?
A:  The official title is the one in the attachment that is the proposal from the Space Coast EDC. The one used by EDC is the one you should refer to. There is no page limit to the cover letter. The executive summary is not part of the 6-page proposal limit. The preferred delivery option for large files is a link from, a free file transfer service. If you cannot use that software, then a SharePoint or Google Drive link are acceptable.  Our preference would be to receive the package as one file, however, if this is not feasible, you may send multiple files.